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Frances Lewis - Outreach Activist - Talks 'Food Power Community CoOp'

Executive Business Officer Francis Lewis stopped by the studio to talk with Tra' and Danica about the TaNefer Ankh Community 'Food Power Community Co-Op'. Francis describes it best with "food is family." Food does truly bring people and families together. When you each fresh produce grown here in Oregon, you can taste the freshness and feel good about what you are eating. Eating healthy does not have to come at such an expensive cost. They also offer many food programs and projects such as community gardening and cooking classes.

Food Power Community Co-Op | A TaNefer Ankh Community Project

The Food Power Community Co-Op (FPCC) celebrated a major milestone with our first food distribution event. We provided farm-fresh naturally grown collards and kale; organic legums (beans), rice and quinoa; fresh naturally raised chicken; and fresh caught fish (filet).
The FPCC will distribute food on a bi-weekly basis, and we will offer additional foods each month.

Launching of the TaNefer Ankh Community Food CoOp

Launching of the TaNefer Ankh Community Food CoOp included presentations by community leaders, co-op team members, and supporters. Presenters included Sba, Ray Shellmire, Sba Heru-Ka Anu, Bro. Bill Beamer, and participation by various attendees.

Food Power Community CoOp Price List

The Food Power Community Co-Op Price List is available. Our food packages are of fresh fish, poultry, and organic grains and legumes.

For Price List: Click Here

May 2017 Food Purchase and Distribution
Place your orders on or before Wednesday May 3, 2017 for Friday May 10th Food Distribution

Place your orders on or before Wednesday May 17, 2017 for Friday May 19th Food Distribution

Food Power Co-Op Application

Food and Water is fundamental to our (community/society) quality of life - health and wellness; it is fundamental to our independence and freedom; and to our abundance and prosperity.

Whomsoever controls your food controls you!

Food is the basis of society and wealth. Through Food Power we are transforming our conditions from one of poverty and dependency to that of self-reliance, independence and abundance and prosperity.

CoOp Application - Click Here

Cook Books

Excite your taste and eating experience with cookbooks.

Showcase Your 'Food Power Co-Op' Cooking Feats

Share pictures of the foods you've cooked from the Co-Op

Community Gardening

The TaNefer Ankh Community Gardening Program focuses on involving Community Members in generating our own food.

Our goal is 100% community participation in producing food. With each of us knowing and understanding how our food is produced, with each of us actively engaged in the process of generating our food we can transform our food-related conditions from one of impoverishment, disenfranchisement, food-induced-illness, and other problems, to one of food power - abundance and prosperity, healthy eating, food control.

Imagine the satisfaction and security of knowing that your food is generated by your own hands and from those you know and trust.

Through community gardening we are growing organic produce, participating with Nature (Ntru), being environmentally responsible and life-centered; We are supporting each other

From 'Seed to Consumption'

Our food Sovereignty Initiatives include:
Food Co-OpsFood Classes
Community GardeningCommunity Farms
Industrial FarmsFood Pantry
Restaurants / Carryout'sNutrition Programs
Food Storage ProgramsCooking Classes
Retail StoresFood Distribution
Food Import & ExportSeed Banks

Our Food Culture, History and Tradition

See the Peret - Food Sovereignty Brochure:

Shared Inspiration

The following videos are indications of People Power as communities and groups pull together to take control of their food - sources, health & wellness, abundance and prosperity.

Tiger Mushroom Farms

When TeíLario Watkins was 7 years old, he founded Tiger Mushroom Farms. The business quickly grew, and now his entire family is involved


SAAFON (Southeastern African American Farmers Organic Network) works to increase the number of successful Black farms throughout the South by providing training for organic certification, growing distribution networks, and linking farmers to critical resources necessary for sustainability

Toronto's Mobile Good Food Market

Everything from broccoli and lettuce to apples and onions are available when the bus comes to town, twice per week. Because the costs involved by the bus have to be taken care of, food prices arenít much lower than what might be found in a supermarket. However, at least families have the opportunity to purchase higher-quality, nutrient-dense food when the bus visits.

The Horse and Buggy Fruit Sellers of Baltimore

For several generations, young men in Baltimore have been earning a living by selling fresh produce from horse-drawn carriages. The vendors, known to locals as "arabbers," provide an essential service to their communities. Now, there are all but a dozen left who continue the tradition.

Appetite For Change

Appetite For Change is a North Minneapolis nonprofit organization that uses food as a tool to build health, wealth and social change

Renaissance Community Co-Op of North Carolina

To celebrate their Grand Opening, the RCC produced this moving slideshow video. Titled "Moments & People", it tracks their co-op development over 5 years. The RCC story is a testament to the strength of community people...strength found in moments both big and small.

The store is now open for business and welcomes everyone to their beautiful co-op!

BeeSweet Lemonade's Mission

BeeSweet Lemonade is a lemonade sweetened with honey. Mikaila is already on her way to saving the honey bees at the early age of eight. Buy a Bottle Save a Bee. Visit Mikaila's page: www.facebook.com/beesweetlemonade

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